Welcome to the Monstr Load trading portal and get acquainted with our politics:


You can register on our website and carry out the first order (purchase) to see the new prices that are presented below. After you sign up and send an order, our managers will process it and will give you constant access to new prices. In the future work with the portal you will see new prices when adding items to the basket after choosing the delivery option: (Delivery within 0-2 days / Estimated to ship within 0-2 days), (delivery within 17-25 days / Estimated to ship within 17-25 days) or another, the price will decrease automatically. All visitors of this site, which are not registered and are not logged in to their account, can only see public prices.


   After receiving your order, we will send an invoice for the payment of the order.


when ordering you can choose a delivery method, or specify your own option and we will consider it. Payment for delivery is not added to the cost of the order and is carried out by you at the post office. Each item has a shipping option that is selected when adding a commodity unit to the basket: (Delivery within 0-2 days / Estimated to ship within 0-2 days), (delivery within 17-25 days / Estimated to ship within 17-25 days ) or another. If in the order there are goods with different delivery options, you can specify in the comments to the order how you want them to receive:

a) by one shipment (parcel). In this case, the order will be sent in one package.

     The shipping date will be determined by the item / s with the largest delivery option.

c) as commodity items arrive at our warehouse. In this case, the order will be sent in different packages.

c) two shipment (parcels). First shipment - items with delivery option "Delivery within 0-2 days / Estimated to ship within 0-2 days". Second shipping - commodity items with all other shipping options.

d) your option. Describe, how do you want to receive orders.

    many commodity items are imported from outside Ukraine, so there are many factors that we have no influence on delivery terms. Therefore, we add 20 insurance days before the delivery options specified in your order for unforeseen delays.

we do not process or send orders, which specify the address of delivery to temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

international shipments:

   we adhere to the export policy and laws of Ukraine, the USA and the European Union, therefore, we do not send orders containing tools for reloads, optical sights, laser sights, military and dual-purpose goods to those countries that are on the list of banned.


   we provide service for all items containing the original warranty card (correctly filled, not overdue) for contacting the Ukrainian service centers of the manufacturer. You can contact the official service center yourself. You can also send the item to us, and we will transfer it to the official service center. In the case when the item is sent to us, we are not responsible for the execution date and the quality of repair work. If the manufacturer provides a warranty and does not require a completed warranty card, we will accept such items for service.

To do this, you must add a waybill or a receipt to certify the purchase of this item from us. In the event that there is no official service center in Ukraine, the buyer must pay the shipping item to the service center abroad from the service center in Ukraine.

exchange and refund:

in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On consumer rights protection", you can exchange or return purchased items within 14 business days, provided the integrity of the factory packaging is kept, there are no signs of use and availability of documents certifying the purchase of the goods exactly from us. If the item that you have purchased, with a complex mechanical, electronic or other high-tech mechanism and returned to us in a non-working condition, we reserve the right to send it to the official service center or the manufacturer to find out the causes of the malfunction.

After confirming that the item's position does not work due to the fault of the manufacturer, we will return the money or offer an exchange for another item.

The goods that contain the manufacturer's one-time seal, liquid and paste, consumables for rheostats and stencil cartridges, products and beverages, first-aid and hygiene products, and underwear are not subject to exchange.

Items ordered through "NO in the store catalog?" BUT I WANT TO BUY ", are your individual order and can be returned or replaced only with our consent.

        There are commodity positions that cannot be canceled after 20 insurance days and in any case, you must wait for your order (we add 20 insurance days to the delivery option specified in your order for unforeseen time delays. After 20 days of insurance period, you can apply for a refund or exchange, or wait for your order to be sent)

If there are any items in your order, you will be reported before ordering by e-mail when changing the status of your order.